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Trade Show Booth Skills

Be A Trade Show Booths RockStar!

A (musical) rockstar has the advantage of being a rockstar. They can just show up in an open shirt and tight leather pants, sing a song, and bevies of adoring screaming fans will flock to them, ask for a autograph, and maybe even throw panties. But as a trade show exhibitor (wanting to be a trade show rockstar) you don't have this inherent advantage (and who really wants panties thrown at them anyway?).

If you want to be a trade show success, you need to make sure you have and use certain common sense trade show booth skills.

1. Be knowledgeable. Know your stuff. Know everything there is to know about your product and/or service.

2. Be personable. Smile. Say hello. Greet everyone, and find out their name. Then address them by name.

3. Be professional. Other exhibitors may choose to go "casual", but make sure you dress the part and show your company in the best light possible.

4. Wear a name tag!

5. Qualify. Find out quickly if the person is a possible prospect. Be friendly, but get to the point and find out if they have a need you can meet. If not, be friendly and thank them for stopping by, but move on to the next person and see if they are a possible prospect. Your priority at a trade show is to make leads and make sales, not to chat about the weather, sports, the latest episode of Lost, or which movie is the most awesome rockin' movie ever.

6. Don't forget point five.

7. Follow up. You job doesn't end when the trade show is over. After you get back to the office, you need to follow up on every lead you made at the show. And don't just call and leave a message. Call back until you get a hold of the person and talk to them.

Be knowledgeable. Be personable. Be professional. Wear a name tag! Qualify. Follow up.

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