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Be A Trade Show Booths RockStar!You can't be a trade show rockstar without a great trade show booth and great trade show booth graphics. But not to worry. Designing great trade show booth graphics (worthy of a trade show rockstar) is really pretty darn easy. The main ingredient you need is common sense, along with the following three RockStar Rulez. Follow these three simple RockStar Rulez and your trade show booth will stand out from the crowd and make you the star of the show.

RockStar Rule #1: Your trade show booth design must catch people's attention when they are walking by. Remember that although your trade show booth is the center of your universe, to people attending the trade show, it is just one of many trade show booths. Your trade show booth design must differentiate your booth from all the other ones. You've only got a few seconds to grab the undivided attention of people passing by. It should stop them in their tracks (or at least slow them down) and make them say wow. It should make their mouths' drop open as they say, "Is this the Rock Star we've been looking for?" One simple way to accomplish this first RULE is with a huge "in your face" image covering the entire background.

RockStar Rule #2: Your trade show booth design needs to state (or even scream) who you are and what you do. Make sure your company name is at the top of your booth where it stands out and is the first thing seen (unbelievable, some companies don't do this... which is why they are more "trade show groupies" than "trade show rockstars"). Directly under your company name, state what your company does in one or two simple, to-the-point sentences. People passing by should be able to glance at your trade show booth and immediately know what the name of your company is and what it does. Remember to keep it simple!

RockStar Rule #3: Your trade show booth design must tell your prospect "what's in it for them". This is critical (and like Rule #2 above, often overlooked). People are usually self-centered and are at the show to find solutions to their problems. Bottom line, they probably only want to talk to you if you can help them. So to repeat, you need to tell them "What's in it for them" (i.e. how you can help them). For example, if you are selling retirement planning services, talk about how much you can grown their retirement savings. Your booth design, not matter what, must include how you can benefit your customer.

In the end, a Trade Show RockStar worthy booth design must do these three things. Your booth design must stand out from the rest of the crowd. It must get you noticed. Your booth design must include your company name and a simple, brief summary of what your company does. And finally, your booth design must explain the major the benefits you offer and that make you better than your competitors. Make sure your trade show booth design passes these three simple rules, and rock your trade show.

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