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Movies That Rock!
(see also rockers who rock)

Be A Trade Show Booths RockStar!If your trade show booth is even half as rocking as any of these Movies That Rock, you will be a bona fide Trade Show RockStar and a trade show success!

1. Spinal Tap (the inspiration for our motto, Crank your Trade Show Marketing volume up to 11.) This mockumentary group also crosses over to the category Rockers Who Rock).

Spinal Tap, the original Movie that Rocks

2. Gladiator

3. Terminator

4. Animal House

5. BraveHeart ("“Every man dies - Not every man really lives.” - William Wallace)

6. The Sting

7. Star Wars (the original!)

8. Road Warrior (the sequel to Mad Max, which is a pretty rockin' movie too)

9. The Matrix

10. Couples Retreat (I wanted to toss in a "newer movie". The movie isn't really all that good, but the yoga scene is one of the funny laugh-out-loud-until-you-cry-and-almost-pee-your-pants movie scenes I've seen in a long, long time. Well worth watching the whole movie.)

11. Cowboys and Aliens
Cowboys and Aliens takes the coveted #11 spot on this list of Movies that Rock. Now you may be thinking that #11 is the lowest spot, which it would be on a standard list. But remember the Spinal Tap volume knob and the motto of this site, "Crank your Trade Show Marketing volume up to 11" (quick translation: 11 is the best!)

I just saw Cowboys and Aliens on DVD last week, and it blew me away! Maybe it was because I wasn't expecting much, but I think it's one of the best movies I've seen this year. It is just pure fun. A big part of it's success is Daniel Craig. The character he plays is awesome. I saw him before as James Bond and thought he was ok, but in this movie he nails his role and make the movie AWESOME. I also think that Harrison Ford turned in his best performance in a long time.

The movie is great. Get some popcorn and pop in the DVD. And remember to turn your surround-sound volume up to 11. :)


update: I'm thinking of adding a list of "Movies that Don't Rock", and number one on that list would be Contagion. I had such high expectations... but what a dud, and what a waste of time. But I suppose I should finish the above list before I start a new one.

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