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Exhibiting at trade shows isn't for babies or wimps. It isn't for the weak. It is for the strong. It is for the trade show rockstars! Why exhibit at a trade show if you just fade into the crowd, lost among all the other trade show booths? Don't. Don't do it if you aren't in it to win. Be a Trade Show Rock Star.

Don't be a Milli Vanilli or a Vanilla Ice. Be a Bono. Be a Madonna. Be an Adele, a Taylor Swift, or an Imagine Dragons. Whatever you be, be a success. Be a real ROCK STAR. Make sure your trade show booth is the place to be, the concert to see, the autograph to get... oh yeah, we're talking about tradeshows.

don't be a milli vanilli... be a bono... be a rockstar!

If you're going to start marketing at trade shows or conventions, and intend to exhibit your company at a trade show booth, you want to make sure it is worth your while (and worth your money). A lot of trade show exhibitors turn out to be one-hit-wonders (or one-show-wonders) and give up after the first show. Don't be like them. What you want if you're going to try your hand at trade show marketing is to know how to be the trade show conductor, the exhibiting company that seems to be calling the shots on the floor, directing traffic (with most of it flowing straight to your trade show booth), waving the trade show conductor baton and building the trade show symphony of wandering prospects into a dazzling crescendo that culminates in everyone stopping at your display booth and telling all their co-workers and friends about how spectacularly awesome, amazing, and just plain freakin' rockin' your trade show booth is.

So how do you become a trade show rockstar? Is the answer just long hair, tight leather pants, and a bad attitude? Actually, it's none of those things... The key to being a trade show rock star and making sure your trade show booth is the best among all the other trade show booths is information and practice. You need information and knowledge. You don't want to look like your typical  neighborhood teenage-angst garage band. You want to look like a platinum-album-selling, five-time-grammy winning, sell-out-Madison-Square-Garden mega-band! But back to trade shows... The first thing you'll want is a "trade show stage" worthy of your sold-out over-the-top performance. In standard trade show industry speak, your "trade show stage" is your trade show or trade fair booth space. You need to make sure your tradeshow booth has awesome trade show graphics, graphics that look like they were created by a trade show artist (like a trade show matisse, one of my favorites). For art is more that just audio, it's visual too, and you need images and words that convey your trade show marketing message. In addition, you need to know what to do and what works to become a trade show marketing success and to rock your show. That's why we're creating a trade show marketing articles database below, chock full of all the information you need to know about trade show exhibiting, trade show displays, trade show booths, trade show marketing, trade show promotion... well, you get the picture.

To be a trade show rockstar, you also need practice, just like a real rockstar. Very few successful rockstars are naturally so talented they don't need practice. As mother said (or yelled over the music), practice makes perfect. Don't go to a show without knowing what to do, being prepared, and making sure you've thought through and practiced what to do. So read, learn, and implement, and be a trade show rockstar.

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